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Music Videos 3


Dj Supetowns

80's Deep Tracks Mix

Simply Red,Culture Club, Madonna, Sade, Inxs, Hall & Oates

b sides / rare videos / and remixes of classics 80's tracks

Punk Funk Mash Up

Rock The Space Freak - The Clash vs. Rick James

Mash - Up

Kool Temperature - Kool & The Gang vs. Sean Paul

For My Primo

R.I.P. Primo Tommy Lopez. 

I love and Miss You  - My Dedication to you.

Videos & PICS  From Past Dj Gigs                            (Are you in the videos or Pictures Getting Down?)                                       

Pics In The Mix
Cupid Shuffle @ The Can
Karaoke @ Porters
Elvis On The Mic
Set Up For Wedding @ The ELKS Lodge, Kearny Az
Karaoke Night Fun
Party @ Magma Club, Superior Az
Dj Set Up @ La Cantina, Kearny AZ
Casino Night, Globe
Full House @ The Can
Pioneer Days 2019
Saturday Night @ The Drift Inn

Set Up @ The GKI, Kearny AZ

In The Mix @ The Drift Inn

Drift Inn Karaoke Night

Saturday Club Nights at The Drift Inn

Hoedown Throwdown at The Can

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