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Thank You for taking the time to read a lil bit about my story. I have been Djing for over 30 years. I have had a love for music since I was born. Being an Airforce Brat we didn't have much TV, So we listen to the radio 24/7. I used to pretend I was a dj and record my show on cassette tapes. I was 8 yrs old and I knew I wanted to dj some how some way. My Father had a radio show ( Latin Music ) on AFTRS, I would get to go to the studio and I was thrilled!  I started Djing at the age of 13. In Crete Greece w/ Dj Super T. My Dad was In the Air Force. I lived Off Base next to a Greek Disco In 1981-82. Getting In under age to Break Dance and POP Lock. I was amazed by the Dj equipment and control the DJ had. Also By the song Grand Master Flash and the Adventures Of The Wheels Of Steel. How the scratching sound and cutting on the break of the song made me feel. Since then I was hooked.  81-88 I did mix tapes , teen dances and weddings.  Late 1990's I got back into Djing Professionally with my partner Dj Chrome as the HOMIES Dj Service. we played all over Tucson Az. for years. Sponsored by Golden Eagle ( Budweiser Beer) We played at many Bars and Clubs like Rustys, Branding Iron, Las Casuletas, Famous Sams Michas East, Javelina Cantina, The Metro Car Lots and for U of A football games. New Years Party two years in a row @ Maloney's On 4th Ave. & Sunday Summertime Splash Pool Party @ The Double Tree Hotel w/ Dj TMoney.   In 2007 I partnered with two other Tucson Dj's  Dj Karmuh & Dj Blessed (Trilogy Dj's) Playing @ Rusty's, Salued, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Al J's . Around 2010 I moved to Superior,AZ . Moving North and re-starting my business solo.  I've Played at several places starting at  Kearney's  La Cantina. And in Miami, AZ. on the AIR at KIKO Radio 105.1 fm with Dj Willie Powers. In Oracle Az, @ the Oracle Inn.  Also up the hill in Globe at AZ oldest & Coolest Bar The Drift Inn. and @ The Apache Gold Casino.  Also just outside of Kearny Az, @ G&J Bar and Grill .... And for the first time KARAOKE at Porters in Superior on Thursdays for 2 years running. Also at Superiors famous Los Hermanos.  Weddings, Quinces, Anniversaries, Back Yard Parties. Birthdays, Festivals and Car Shows. I put my ALL into each and every event I do. No matter what Type of Music no matter what type of crowd.  As a video Dj i have thousands Of Music Videos in all genres of music. Thank You to ALL the people who have had me at their events and for ALL the Support through the years. I look forward to being there for your future Event.   1 Lov  -  Dj Supetown

The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen - Tabu 

" Shout Out "To All The Dj's Who I have worked with Admire and Support....Dj Super T, Dj Chrome, Dj Steve Lopez, Dj T-Money, Dj Willie Powers, Dj B, Dj Karmuh, Dj Blessed, Dj Matt D, Dj ArtDj Diss Foo, Dj Flare, Dj Ghost, Dj Juan G, Dj Mista T, Dj Angie Gomez, Dj Manic Hispanic Dj Mikety Mike, Dj John Flores , Dj Robby Rob, Dj Caz , Dj R Dub ,Dj Dennis Blaze, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Green Lantern, Dj Art Laboe, Dj Yella, Dj Casey Kasem, Dj Rick Dees, Dj Wolf Man Jack, Dj Dick Clark, Dj Kid Capri, Dj Dilla, Dj Rectangle, Dj Red Alert, Dj Kool, Dj Terminator X , Dj Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Dj Pete Rock, Djs The World Famous Supreme Team , Dj Premier, Dj Jam Master J.... AND THE WORLDS GREATEST DJ....DJ GRAND MASTER FLASH.  May God Bless ALL the DJs In the World.  1 Lov  -  Dj Supetown 

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